“Killer” Party

Reading KILLER INSTINCT at your book group? Want to host a “killer” party for your bookish friends?

Well, the first thing you’ll need is coffee as that’s Lane’s favorite drink. Preferably French press.

french press

Next you’ll need junk food. Lane’s not really into eating healthy. Here are some “killer” cupcakes ideas.

Killer cupcakes

Decorations are after that. The Decapitator (the villain) would love these doll parts.

doll parts


Finally, you’ll need discussion questions. Here are some ideas:

~ As you were reading Killer Instinct, who did you think the Decapitator was?

~ Nature versus nurture. Which do you feel is applicable in this novel?

~ How do you see book two developing?

~ Why do you think Daisy is the way she is?

~ Do you feel Lane is justified?

~ What do you think about the way Lane relates to people?  Do you ever feel that way?

~ Why do you think Lane seems to be more attached to animals than people?

 ~ What did you think about Lane’s relationship with Zach?

~ Do you ever feel out of place in your own family?

~ What do you think would have happened if Lane had told someone right away that the Decapitator was contacting her?