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I have been working on my very first psychological thriller for a while now, and I am SO excited to say that it is done. Done!

I had a fabulous group of beta readers who weighed in and greatly influenced the path the book took. I “soft” launched it yesterday, which just means I put it up on Amazon and didn’t tell anyone 🙂

It’ll be available via KU for the first few months and then wide after that. Right now it’s in e-version only, but the paperback will be available in a week or so with audio soon to follow.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FREE COPY please email me This offer is good until 4/30/2019. In return, I ask that you simply leave an honest review preferably on Goodreads and also on Amazon.

Monster Front Cover

It takes a survivor to know a madman.

When the police need to crawl inside the mind of a monster, they call Caroline.

As a child, Caroline was abducted along with her twin sister. For over a year, their captor forced them to play his sick games, using their hunger to test the lengths they’d go to survive.

Caroline escaped. Her sister didn’t.

Now a young woman gnawed by survivor’s guilt, Caroline’s horrific past has left her with a unique gift to understand the twisted motivations of serial killers. She couldn’t save her sister—but she can at least help the police keep other girls safe.

But there’s something different about her latest case.

Something familiar.

Teenage girls are being murdered, their organs removed. As the scope of horror widens, Caroline begins to experience blackouts of lost time and disturbing hallucinations that are leading her to one terrible, impossible conclusion.

Caroline is a keeper of secrets. She knows her captor can’t be responsible.

Yet a message is being sent…a buried echo resurfacing…a personal connection of a dark and dangerous appetite.